Contributors | Traction eRag

  • Preacher Bob

    Bob accepted his position at the eRag shortly after he discovered the entire staff needed counselling. A wise man who diplomatically speaks the truth, Bob has the repetitive task of talking us off the ledge... every issue. Thanks to Bob, we continue to serve up our souls, piping hot, issue after issue. Bob loves everything with two wheels but is partial to his blinging 350 EXC.

  • John Banbury

    Born with a smartphone in his hand and a computer on his hip, John is our resident technological wizard. With an answer for every possible hiccup modern technology could serve up, nary a problem exists that John can't solve. John is up for various riding opportunities and often is seen with his son Aaron in tow. Together, they make up the dynamic duo know as the "Crashburys". John is often responsible for social media posts from local trail riding events.

  • Claude Allaire

    As you can see, Claude takes his role at the Traction eRag very seriously. A Traction eRag test rider, writer and trials noob, Claude loves everything with knobbies. He haunts the Calabogie riding area in Ontario, Canada which many describe as world class. The technical riding terrain presents challenges and Claude excels at technical terrain. Claude is a 2T man at heart and was rumored to own an RM125 from days gone by.

  • Rick Clarke

    Rick loves *clean* dirtbikes and he loves a deal. Rick best represents the eRag reader - he grew up playing on bikes as a kid and returned as an adult. As much as he enjoys riding, he also enjoys keeping his bikes tip top. Everyone needs a friend like Rick.

  • Kari Van Oosten

    Fall down seven times, get up eight. Hands down, Kari is the toughest human being at the Traction eRag. Relatively new to the sport, Kari jumped headfirst into racing. With brutal honesty, she shares the struggles of coping with crashes, butterflies, and the sheer exhaustion of trying to complete an event. If Kari can do it, what's your excuse?

  • John Jarvie

    John is a North American transplant, proudly hailing from the land under the land down under - New Zealand. John is an expert level rider and no fear of flying. John currently juggles children and has forgotten more about dirtbikes than anyone at the Traction eRag remembers.

  • Jeremy Quinn

    Jeremy grew up around motorized vehicles but didn’t have the opportunity to pursue racing until later in life.  Now in his mid 30’s he is determined to learn to ride faster and progress through the ranks of the Offroad Ontario series.  It’s a race against time!

  • Jim D’Andrea

    Jim is an off-road and dual sport rider located in Northern BC. Usually he is making sure wolves and bears are getting fed properly, but when not protecting wildlife, Jim has an affinity for 2 strokes and will do just about anything to put one inside of his current motorcycle frame. Jim is a longtime motorhead who lives in an outdoor paradise, we are looking forward to his tales of adventure.

  • Warren Thaxter

    Warren is a grizzled veteran and has done it all on a dirt bike. From riding the Baja Peninsula with legends like Malcolm Smith and Scot Harden to developing the concept of an organized trail ride it would be difficult to argue that someone else was more influential in developing the sport of off-road riding in Canada. Warren often has an interesting point, listen carefully.

  • Cecile Gambin

    Happily photographing and writing about offroad motorcycles, Cecile got her start shooting wild mushrooms in the mid-80s. A camera was traded for a streetbike, which eventually led to a dirt bike. Cecile is an accomplished rider and photographer – essential skills while generating content for Traction.

  • Ron Golden

    Ron is a lifer. Whether it was running from the cops as a kid or his current full fledged off-road addition, Ron loves dirt bikes. A talented writer with a knack for telling stories, let Ron take you to his special place.

  • Dan Curran

    “Dr. Dan” is an ER doc by trade but has the soul of a biker. He loves all forms of riding but relishes off-road rally events. A multiple time Paris to Dacre finisher (Dacre, not Dakar!), ask him about the time he rode 450 kms with a broken wrist to finish the event. Finishing is difficult. With a broken wrist? Legendary.

  • Larry Murray

    Larry has been riding off-road motorcycles for over 40 years. Larry is in great riding shape and uses wisdom, skill and treachery to dispose of riders half his age. Larry offers us a viewpoint only those with a lifetime of experience can offer. Larry is the co-star of the “Fifty Years of Kicks” short documentary film found here.